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Welcome folks! This week, we feature Mari Hernandez, a Chicana feminist with an appetite for activism, art, and enlightenment! She donated to our online art auction held last year, and continues to give much of her time and efforts to the San Antonio community! Check out this amazing Chicana below! […]

Feminist Fistbumps: Mari Hernandez, A San Antonio-based Feminist Artist and ...

Hey folks! This week, we head northeast to Rhode Island, where feminist artist/scholar Suzy Gonzalez is currently working on her Master’s degree! She donated art to us for last year’s online art auction. Check out this awesome Chicana below!           Third Woman Press Collective (TWPC): Hey […]

Feminist Fistbumps: Suzy Gonzalez, a Texan Artist and Scholar With ...

Welcome back! This week, we head west to New Mexico, where feminist/ runner/ educator/ scholar/ overall bad ass Myrriah Gómez is! No stranger to the natural fluidity of life and change, Myrriah recognizes the importance of finding yourself and fostering everlasting self-love. She helped organize a fundraiser in AlbuRquerque last […]

Feminist Fistbumps: Myrriah Gómez, A Marathon Runner Who Promotes Wellness ...

Welcome back, folks! This week, we bring light, color, and culture to you straight from the heart of Texas, where scholar, artist, and producer Claudia Zapata has been keeping busy contributing to the art community! Check out our interview with this amazing Chicana below.       Third Woman Press […]

Feminist Fistbumps: Claudia Zapata, A Texas-Born Artist with a Knack ...

Welcome back! Remember last week’s talk with Chicago’s Diana Alvarado? Well, this week, we continue the conversation with her partner in organizing, Jeanette Martín, who helped coordinate the amazing fundraiser they held last year in Chicago. Jeanette is an artist with big dreams and an even bigger heart. Check out […]

Feminist Fistbumps: Jeanette Martín Talks Magic and Dreams for the ...

Happy Monday! This week we continue shining the spotlight on another amazing muxer from the Midwest. (You can never have too much awesomeness!) Today we interview Diana Alvarado, who worked together with many more wonderful womyn to fundraise for us in Chicago. Check out the interview below!        […]

Feminist Fistbumps: Diana Alvarado, Midwest Soñadora Re/Discovers Magic for TWP

And we’re back! This week we take the conversation to the Midwest. We wanted to know a little bit more about Jessica Lopez Lyman, a good friend who organized a TWP Fundraising Crew for us last fall, so we interviewed her. Check out this amazing muxer below.       […]

Feminist Fistbumps: Jessica Lopez Lyman, A Nepantlera Who Loves Books

Happy Monday! This week we move the arts conversation from the East coast (remember Maribel and Cristy, who are living in Brooklyn?) back to the West coast! Here is our latest interview with California-based artist Melanie Cervantes, who donated a fierce piece to the online art auction that was curated […]

Feminist Fistbumps: Artist Melanie Cervantes Discusses Art as Decolonial Activism

"My work is to inhabit the silences with which I have lived and fill them with myself until they have the sounds of brightest day and loudest thunder." - Audre Lorde
Inventing Ourselves: Summer Blog Series Greetings, readers! The Third Woman Press 3 Collective is kicking off a summer blog series that highlights all of the amazing people contributing to our TWP revitalization movement! This week, we begin with the six core collective members: Audrey, Brenda, Daniela, Kim, Mariana, and Sara. […]

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