Feminist Fistbumps: Priscilla Baca y Candelaria Speaks on the Power of Women to Heal and Work Together for Equality

And we’re back! This week, we meet yet another amazing poet from the Albuquerque event last year. We feature Priscilla Baca y Candelaria, one passionate and determined mujer who believes in equality for all women! Check her out below.



Priscilla Baca y Candelaria

Priscilla Baca y Candelaria


Third Woman Press Collective (TWPC): Hi there, Priscilla! We appreciate you making time for us. Can you tell us what your geographic location is?


Priscilla Baca y Candelaria (PBC): I am from the village of Atrisco that is nestled in the cottonwoods of the lower Rio Grande valley in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


TWPC: Wonderful! Another amazing Southwest mujer, we love it. How do you define your feminism?


PBC: Women of color have always had to struggle for equality and balance the traditional expectations of a matriarchal community.


TWPC: Absolutely. The fight for equality has always been one of the biggest issues for feminists. Tell us, what sorts of things keep you busy?


PBC: I was blessed with my abuelita’s now 130 year old adobe home and all of its treasures. I tend chickens, goats, and a garden. Keeping traditions alive and sharing the herbal medicines that were planted generations ago. It’s amazing how much I learn from many young women. The act of sharing keeps me on my toes.

TWPC: That sounds like a beautiful home! What a great environment to settle yourself in. We thank you very much for your participation in the ABQ event. What influenced your decision to help fundraise for Third Woman Press?

PBC: I was invited by a powerhouse of a young woman, Myrriah Gomez, to share my poetry. The event was an opportunity to continue supporting women’s voices in a collaborative effort, and we must always lift one another up.


TWPC: We couldn’t agree more! Indeed mujer, it sounds like it was a wonderful experience to be there that day. What was your favorite detail, performance, interaction, etc., from the fundraiser you participated in?


PBC: The event shared the space with a pub and we just weren’t being heard over the din of merry makers. When it was my turn on stage, I belted out a stanza from Malagena and the crowd listened the rest of the night. The words of many women were heard.


TWPC: What a powerful moment. We’re glad so many women were able to get up and speak—including you! Thank you again. What tips do you have for other emerging feminist artists?


PBC: It is an uphill battle for equality. We must always support each other and not compare or judge.




TWPC: Very good advice. It can sometimes be too easy to get caught up in the competitiveness of trying to “make it.” But we do need to remember that we are here for each other. Is there any specific area, field, or place that you feel really needs a feminist intervention right now?


PBC: I feel that the environment and Mother Earth can be healed only through the global efforts of women.


TWPC: Beautifully said, mujer. What do you like to do for fun?


PBC: I enjoy time spent with comadres, laughing, dancing, supporting poetry events, going to any local artistic event theater, flamenco, music. I love a live performance.


Priscilla Baca y Candelaria

Priscilla Baca y Candelaria


TWPC: We love it! We’re happy you have such fun spending time with loved ones. Since you helped TWP raise money, what is one thing that excited you about the revitalization or what would you like to see TWP do overall?


PBC: I think it is wonderful that you are offering a venue for women’s voices to be shared on a large scale, donde no hay fronteras.


TWPC: And we will continue to do our best to make their voices easily heard and accessible! Thanks again, Priscilla.


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