Third Woman Press (TWP) was started as a labor of love by Norma Alarcón in 1979 in Bloomington, Indiana. When Alarcón relocated to Berkeley, California, in 1987, the press went with her. Until 2004, the press helped birth more than 30 books by, for, and about women of color. Third Woman Press provided a forum for the written and visual expressions of women of color. It supported intellectual activism by publishing the works of upcoming and established artists, writers, and performers. TWP aimed to make alliances among women of color in order to imagine a new political class centering sexuality, race, and gender.


In 2011, with the support of Dr. Alarcón and Christina L. Gutiérrez, Sara A. Ramírez initiated the revival of Third Woman Press in order to honor and continue the legacy of women of color publishing. Today, we invite our readers to collaborate with us in envisioning a world for women of color that incorporates migratory, diasporic, and indigenous women both within and beyond U.S. national borders. Please, contact Ramírez (sara @ thirdwomanpress.com) for more information about revitalizing TWP.