Anthology Submissions Update

The submission site is now closed and we are no longer accepting any more submissions.


Dear allies, friends and colleagues who have submitted to the TWP anthology: We have been diligently reading all of the submissions and we are impressed by the enthusiasm and the diversity of voices. As we read each submission with intention, we realize that it is taking us a little longer than originally planned. This update is to inform everyone: we now plan to get back to everyone who submitted to the anthology by late September. We thank you for your patience and understanding. Please visit this website for any other updates.


Annie Fukushima, Rosalee Gonzalez, Layli Maparyan, Anita Revilla, and Matt Richardson, the TWP Anthology Editors


If you have any questions regarding the anthology submissions, please direct them to the anthology editors at


For all other inquiries, please see our Contact page.



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