Video Contest! Tell Us Why Third Woman Press Matters To You!

Win a FREE copy of an out-of-print book! You can choose any of the ones we have in stock.

Third Woman Press invites you to participate in our media revitalization project! We want to know why TWP matters to you! Submit a two-minute video telling us why you support the revitalization of Third Woman Press. We have provided five prompts to get you started. You can touch on any or all these topics.

1. Third Woman Press has been influential in my life because__________.

2. My favorite quote by a TWP author is __________.

3. I found my first TWP book when__________.

4. Feminist of Color publishing is important to me because__________.

5. I support the revitalization of Third Woman Press because __________.

To participate, send us your video here! Stay tuned to see if your video appears on our site! 

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Video Entry Steps

1. Upload your video to YouTube.

2. Upload a video file from your computer to YouTube. (Settings must be “Public” or “Not listed.”)

3. Copy and paste the YouTube URL on our facebook contest page on the right-hand side of the page, in the box that reads, “Enter link to your YouTube video.

4. In the box that reads, “Description of your video” enter the prompt you answer in your video (e.g., Why I support the revitalization of TWP).

5. Enter your email address in the specified box.

6. Click “Submit Entry.”

Please, wait for an email indicating that a moderator has approved your video. Your video will then be available for viewing on the video contest page. Spread the word!



Video Entry Guidelines

Delivery: Web-blog style!
Recite each line of your chosen prompt. Looking into the camera the whole time, keep looking for a few seconds on the beginning and end of each take for editing purposes.  (The video will be edited; so multiple takes, or multiple versions of your line are welcome. If possible, bring a friend along and have them hold the camera. Please take videos landscape-style!)

Lighting: Prominent light should be in front of you, not behind you.
Try to position yourself in a way that takes advantage of the natural light in the location, in order to properly expose (see) your face in the video.  Sitting outside in daylight or by a window works great!

Audio: Don’t forget that good audio makes a great video!
Try to speak loudly. If possible, choose a location that has minimal background noise. Noises that are constant are better than loud short noises like doors closing or individuals speaking loudly. Try not to cover the microphone during recording.

Length: Keep it short and simple!
No more than two minutes.