Feminist Fistbumps: San Anto’s Chris Davila Makes Art Work

Happy Monday, readers! The Third Woman Press Collective would like to thank Chris Davila, curator for the online art auction we held in December, for her help in revitalizing TWP. Here’s a mini-interview we did with Chris. 



Third Woman Press Collective (TWPC): Thanks for agreeing to do this interview, Chris! Can you please tell us where you’re located?

Chris Davila (CD): I am geographically located in San Antonio, Texas.


TWPC: Besides helping out Third Woman Press, what keeps you busy?

CD:  I own and operate an art consulting business rooted in the philosophy of taking San Antonio artists outside of San Antonio, Texas, and even the U.S. With that in mind, I am currently in the development stages of a website geared towards art collectors. The website will serve to inform and educate site visitors about the artwork styles coming out of San Antonio. Every 8 weeks, we’ll feature 10 of the city’s emerging artists. The website will be heavy on video content, so I’m taping a lot of interviews with artists right now.


TWPC: That sounds great! Your commitment to, and support of, the arts community is really important. What influenced your decision to help fundraise for Third Woman Press?

CD: I believe, whole-heartedly, in the mission of TWP. It’s so important that venues for critical thought continue and thrive, especially in today’s climate of conformity to traditionalism. The revitalization of TWP is essential and I’m happy to do my part to help make that happen.


TWPC: Thanks again for helping us, Chris! What was your favorite detail, performance, interaction, etc. from the fundraiser?

CD: Because we conducted an online art auction via the TWP Facebook page, we were able to keep the overhead costs very, very low. I am really proud that a huge percentage of the funds that were raised via the sale of artwork went right back to the organization.


TWPC: Yeah, you helped us raise over $1,000! Is there any specific area, field, or place—in addition to the arts—that you feel really needs a feminist intervention right now?

CD: In an era where social services continue to be cut and the availability of contraception is put in jeopardy for a large portion of women, our state and local governments need to hear feminist voices—loud and clear.


TWPC: We absolutely agree. Are there any activities you specifically enjoy after doing community work and organizing?

CD: I always consider a trip to the beach to be a confession and baptism all rolled in one, so a quick jaunt to Port Aransas definitely helps me to recharge.


TWPC: Anything else you like to do for fun?

CD: Nothing releases tension like a night on the dance floor!



TWPC: Fun! Next time all of TWP is in San Anto, we’ll take you out! Since you helped TWP raise money, what is one thing that excites you about the revitalization or what would you like to see TWP do in the future?

CD: I would like to see TWP embrace technology and develop a podcast or some sort of audio or video series to feature their great voices in print, in a modern format. This could take the form of a YouTube channel or a Google Hangout, but something fun, yet educational; and relatively low cost as well.




That’s a great idea, Chris! What do you all think, readers? Do you have other suggestions for what we can do to help revitalize TWP? Comment below or write to info@thirdwomanpress.com. Chris, thank you for being super awesome and for taking the time to let us get to know you a little better. Good luck with all your amazing work! Rock on!