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Call for Submissions for Third Woman Press 3’s Inaugural Anthology
Deadline: June 15, 2014

We are feminist scholars of color and invite submissions of feminist works by and about people of color and indigenous peoples engaged in local and transnational social change. We are particularly interested in including works in our anthology that challenge borders; disrupt raced, gendered, and sexed norms in dominant thought and practice; and reshape what society knows about women, women of color, queer, queer of color, cis, and transgender communities. We hope that the contributions in our anthology will forge connections amongst womanists, indigenous feminists, queer feminists of color, women of color, and feminists of the Global South.

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Types of works:

creative and scholarly essays, testimonials, poetry, and visual art that will contribute to our understanding and practices of social change, healing, and transformation.


We invite bilingual and non-English submissions. However, because our editorial collective is unable to represent all languages of the world, we invite non-English contributions to either submit a bilingual (translated) text or consider inviting a collaborator who can translate the work into English and the interpreter will be credited in the published anthology.

Previously published works may be submitted for consideration only if they were published in journals, zines, and/or blogs. Please include original source information. Submissions under consideration elsewhere will not be accepted. Submissions may be co-authored. Topics may include the following, but are not limited to this list:

  • Women’s resistance and resilience
  • Activism and organizing
  • Activist scholarship and activist pedagogy
  • Art and artivism
  • (De)coloniality
  • Spirituality and spiritual practice
  • Feminist and queer love
  • Feminist genealogies
  • Memory and haunting
  • Queer and trans people of color communities
  • Violence, oppression, and resistance
  • Healing and transformation
  • Visual culture and decolonized aesthetics
  • Womanism and womanist perspectives on social/ecological change

Submit full manuscripts as Word documents and/or high-resolution images of original artwork as JPEG files for consideration by June 15, 2014, 11:59pm PDT. Include with the submission a 300-word abstract (for essays) and 50-word biography (PDF or Word document). Manuscripts must not exceed 20 pages (5,000 words). Authors may submit up to 5 poems. Should an author submit multi-forms of work (i.e., a scholarly article and a poem), it may not exceed the page limit.

Submit manuscripts and/or images to Submittable. Manuscripts and/or images sent via email will not be considered.

In solidarity,
The Editors
(Annie Isabel Fukushima, Rosalee Gonzalez, Layli Maparyan, Anita Revilla, and Matt Richardson)

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